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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Final Countdown: What I AM looking forward to now that I'm 50!

Phew, I made it!
What I'm really looking forward to as a reward for my 50th cumpleaño is spending another year with my wonderful husband, terrific friends, and our loving family.

Thank you ALL for making this, and every year, so very special for me!

My honey, on one of our adventures: zip-lining in Costa Rica


  1. Lynne, I just finally got around to reading your posts on turning 50 - what fun! Looking forward to someday reading your "turning 60" posts! :D

  2. Thanks for reading, Cindy! As much as I joke about dreading 50, I am looking forward to all the new adventures and to see how what 60 looks like as I close in on that milestone birthday!