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Monday, September 23, 2013

Count Down to 50: Things I am and AM NOT looking forward to

Five days to go until the BIG 5-0!

I'm counting down by listing things I am and am not looking forward to as I crest the half century mark and start on my downhill slide.

I am NOT looking forward to the ever increasing frequency, effort, and cost that will go into maintaining my unnatural red hair. I've often been tempted to see what happens if I stop coloring my hair. Then the roots start showing and I'm shocked at how much gray is in there! And it isn't a lovely salt and pepper, as my mother's hair was at my age. It isn't a shiny silver, as hers is now. No, it's gunmetal, bland, flat gray mixed with my true, mouse-brown, bland natural hair color. Bring on the red-in-a-box and price be damned!

Mom, with her shiny silver hair, me with a "screamin' red stripe," and niece Kim,
a natural blonde who is now a sometime brunette, sometime auburn, sometime brownette.


  1. When I decided to quit coloring my hair I had a wonderful salon streak my hair blonde. It made it much easier to grow it out. (They say almost every French woman is blonde after 50.) And you'd be surprised what your color might actually be once its grown out. My hair is silver at the tips but that gunmetal you mention at the roots.

  2. I'm already contemplating the transition, Sarah! That comes tomorrow, with things I AM looking forward to!

  3. Hair is the only thing that you can change today and tomorrow and the next day Have fun with whatever color you want!. I do have to say, that when I see the streak of grey at my roots, I contemplate letting the dye job go but I'm not ready for the full on grey that will happen. So I continue to pay the stylist...

  4. I have that temptation when I see the gray roots and edges, too, Denise. But I do love to play with my hair color--I've had pink, red, and orange stripes on brown, auburn, and red hair, blonde highlights (definitely not my color), lowlights, and all shades of brown and red!