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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Countdown to 50: Things I AM and am not looking forward to

With only two days to go until I'm over the hill, one of the things I'm REALLY, REALLY looking forward to is the more relaxed pace of life I'll be able to enjoy as I get older.

No, seriously. All you over-50 readers out there, stop laughing. I mean it. Life is going to slow down to a nice, easy pace. I'll have time to sip coffee and enjoy the sunrise in the mornings, putter around the yard for a bit, then sit down and write for a few uninterrupted hours. After that, I'll go out for a leisurely stroll and have time to enjoy it rather than looking at my watch, anxious about the next place I have to get to or thing I have to do. Then maybe I'll write some more before sitting side-by-side with my hubby (who will have spent an equally relaxing day), and enjoy a glass of wine as we watch the sunset. Then we'll take the time to cook a lovely, heart-healthy meal together, with lots of fresh veggies from the garden I'd been tending that morning, and then sit back to enjoy our meal and conversation without gulping it all down to rush off to the next activity or obligation.

STOP LAUGHING! I really am looking forward to it. I know the elusive, laid back life of a senior citizen is out there. I've been looking forward to that from the time I was 20 looking toward my "easy" 30s, from my 30s waiting in eager anticipation for the slow down I knew would come in my 40s, and now in my 40s, I can almost reach out and touch the slow, easy pace of life! I KNOW I'll find that in my 50s, right?

Yep, me and Matt, aging gracefully, relaxing at the rest stops for some wine.

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