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Friday, September 27, 2013

Countdown to 50: Things I am and AM NOT looking forward to

Tomorrow is it! I will have completed my 50th year on Earth. That's a long, long...long, long, long time. Makes me tired just thinking about it!

So, the last thing I'm NOT looking forward to: more doctor's appointments! Especially if the doctor's keep telling me stupid things like:

"It's not a melanoma, it's an age spot" (got that one this week!)

"You're in terrific shape...for a woman your age" (heard that at my last annual physical.)

"No, your thyroid is perfectly normal. You just need to exercise more and eat less" (at a gyno appointment 2 years ago.)

"Unable to sleep through the nights? That's just a normal part of aging for women" (at that same gyno appointment.)

Seriously?! Where did these doctor's get their medical degrees? Anything they can't explain, they blame on getting older. I've been getting older for my whole life and I've NEVER had these problems. I know I must have something serious, probably terminal, so they don't want to even bother telling me since I'm a goner anyway.

That's another thing I'm not looking forward to...becoming a hypochondriac. You know "they" (no, I don't know who they are) say that women turn into their mothers as they get older. If that's the case, lookout medical world, 'cause here I come! My mother is a champion hypochondriac. A big portion of her social life involves doctors' appointments.

For a funny look at doctor's appointments, watch this:

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