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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Interview with Captain Eddie Corredor

Welcome back! Today, I continue with interview number 4 of our nine character interviews, one each day leading up to the day 10 (July 1) release of The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods. After you get to know a little bit about Captain Eddie Corredor (very little, actually!) be sure to head over to the contact page on my website. Send a message to enter for today's drawing for a free book. No worries about privacy: the message comes directly to me, so no one else sees your name or contact information, and I don't share the info with anyone. Do be sure to stop back every day since you have to register each day for that day's drawing.

The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods
Coming July 1
from Casperian Books

Introducing Captain Eddie Corredor

Eddie Corredor has been with the Puerto Rico Police Department for over twenty years. He'd just started on the force when the chupacabra appeared for the first time back in the mid-90s. Twenty years later, he and his (work) partner, Hector Ruiz, discovered the truth behind the reported chupacabra sightings and mayhem those caused: the mayor had been donning a costume to instill fear into his constituents as a means to drum up votes and customers for his business, Monster Safaris, Inc. Their work earned Eddie and Ruiz promotions, and a bit of notoriety.

LMH: Welcome, Captain Corredor and congratulations on the promotion. It must be very difficult being an openly gay police officer in Puerto Rico, so I'd imagine the recognition for your good work is appreciated.

Eddie: Why is that? Shouldn't good work be rewarded and the recognition appreciated, regardless of race, age, creed, or sexual orientation? Good work is good work.


LMH: I just meant, well, not to offend you, but given the reputation of the PRPD? Not known for their honesty and trustworthiness, you know. They have a pretty bad and well-earned reputation for corruption and abuse of authority. It seems such an odd fit--everything about you contradicts what the force has come to represent on the island.

Eddie (shaking his head): A few bad apples, and they're the ones who make the news. That makes it tough for the rest of us. There are so many good, hardworking, and honest cops on the force. Guys who are there to fight against that reputation and the tide of corruption. Don't let the bad press fool you. Most of us are caring, compassionate, and take the public's trust seriously.

LMH: Good to know. Now, about that job. Law enforcement is dangerous work. It has to be awfully stressful on your loved ones. How does Rafi deal with the constant worry?

Eddie: My personal life is off limits for interviews.

LMH: What? Why?

Eddie: I've been burned more than once before. Reporters like Miguel Graciento over at that gossip rag, En Otras Noticias, twist the truth and use innuendo and hearsay to sensationalize their stories--and that's all they are, stories. Make believe. Not information. People think the police are corrupt? Graciento was involved up to his eyeballs in that Monster Safaris business. It's unconscionable that he'd be back reporting the "news" and that they'd let him write another story about the chupacabra after that.

LMH: OK, I can understand your reluctance, but I'm not a reporter. I'm an author. You do know that people will read all about you and Rafi in The Un-Familiar, right?

Eddie: I know. Sorry. The media is just a touchy subject for me. The fourth estate. Ha! You know what Oscar Wilde wrote about the fourth estate, don't you? That it may have been the fourth estate when that term was coined, the other three being branches of government, but now it's the only one--it ate the other three.

LMH: Interesting. Can we get back to the interview?

Eddie (His phone vibrates): Sorry...I have a call. It's work. I have to run. Thank you for your time.

LMH: Thank--  (door slams) And there he goes. The work of a police officer is never done, I suppose. Tune in tomorrow when we'll meet with Rafi. And hopefully, he won't be quite as reluctant to talk with us!

Now it's time for you to head over the contact page on my website to enter for your chance to WIN a book! Just send a message to me to enter. Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Jennifer Killby!

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