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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Character Interview with Dr. Joe Raines

THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES! Only 4 days until the release of The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods (Casperian Books) and that means we have another winner of a FREE BOOK today, and 3 more chances to win!

Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Phyllis G!

Welcome to today's interview with Dr. Joe Raines! Don't forget to send a message via my Contact page on my website if you haven't won a book yet. There are still 3 more chances to win, but you have to sign-in each day for your name to be entered into the hat!

Introducing Dr. Joe Raines

Dr. Joe Raines is another new and captivating character who joins the cast in The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Dogs and Demons. Joe is the new professor of oceanography at UPR and he specializes in climate science. He'll also be Kiki's boss as she starts her college work-study program. Joe has established quite the reputation for himself in his field: he has published prolifically, and his weather and climate models are the most accurate around. So, why isn't he at some big, prestigious university or research institute? Makes one wonder what he's up to in Puerto Rico, doesn't it? Here he comes now.

A Joe Raines Look-Alike, and my choice
for who will play him in the movie version of
The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods.

LMH: Welcome...mmmmmmm...
Joe (snapping his fingers): Hello? Did you have some questions?


LMH: Wow. Milagros was not kidding when she described those eyes: "dark gray, almost black, flecked with gold and green, like the Hubble telescope images of distant galaxies. Like she could fall into them for eternity." Mmmmm...dreamy.

Joe (clearing his throat): Thank you, I guess. You know, the University has a really good online training program on sexual harassment in the workplace. Maybe you should look it over?

LMH: Oh, sorry. Um, let's see. Where were we? Yes, The Un-Familiar. You're new to the cast. How was it working with this group, being the newcomer and all?

Joe: I enjoyed it. Jack and I got on great, and you know Kiki is always a pleasure. The girl is absolutely brilliant, if a little cocky. I suspect that's going to get her in trouble in the future. And don't let my scenes with Carmen fool you. I adore her. That's a good thing, too, isn't it? Since we spend a lot of time together. My favorite colleague of all, though, is Milagros--Señora Milagros. You know how touchy she gets if you leave off the title. My scenes with her? There was definite chemistry there.

LMH: Looking at your background, you seem to have an uncanny knack for being around right when the most extreme natural disasters strike: San Diego during the wildfires, Oklahoma for the tornadoes, and now, Puerto Rico when a series of hurricanes are lining up, ready to strike. Is there some reason for that, or mere coincidence?

Joe (grinning...and OMG is that a sexy smile...oh, excuse me. Sorry. He's not grinning anymore. Not that the scowl isn't sexy too, but...(sigh) back to the interview): Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe more. Read The Un-Familiar, then you decide.

LMH: Wow. Just wow (sigh). And thank you so much for joining us, Dr. Raines.

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