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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lucky 7!

I've been tagged by Guilie of  Quiet Laughter for the Lucky 7 Meme--thank you, Guilie! This is a fun, social media version of a chain letter for writers.

So what do I need to do?

1 -- Go to page 77 of my WIP (okay, if I tagged you and your a blogger, chances are you don't have 77 continuous pages, so pick a 7 of some kind - page 7, paragraph 7 or 77, line 7 or 77, etc and skip to step 3, adjusting as needed - 7 lines, sentences, words, letters...).
2 -- Go to line 7
3 -- Copy the next 7 lines, AS ARE (no cheating, no tweaking, no polishing for any reason at all) and paste them into a blog post (thus here we are) to share with the world
4 -- Tag 7 other authors (including bloggers) (see? it's a chain letter!)

And if you're tagged by me, what do you need to do? Steps 1-4 above!

My 7 lines come from my WIP, Chupacabra. I'm finishing a last round of edits and getting ready to query. If you like  what you read (and you can read more - I posted the first chapter in a previous blog post), keep your fingers crossed that I find an agent and publisher for it soon!!

Here the are:
Jack lost count as John Cristatello continued to thrust one book after another at him with an apologetic, "Oh, wait, this one too," and, "Maybe just one more, if you don't mind." He was torn between gratitude and disappointment when Linda Cristatello stuck her head in the office door and put an end to it.

“Jack,” she greeted him like an old friend. “It’s good to see you again.” She offered him a drink and led the men and Kiki to the veranda to watch the sunset. “Did you hear Angel Martín’s show today by any chance? Our mayor invited you on a chupacabra hunt.”

Jack groaned. “Oh, dear lord, do people actually listen to that show? I was on the other

Now to figure out who my fellow Lucky 7 will be...


Check out these fellow authors and bloggers - you'll enjoy  reading and following them! I do.

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  1. Thanks so much, Lynne! I appreciate the nomination and will respond!