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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Social Media Snob? NOT I, said the inconsistent blogger

Jonathon Morrow of CopyBlogger has a great post today: 21 Warning Signs You're Becoming a Social Media Snob. I found it through fellow Internet Writers' Workshop member Robin Cain who shared it with the IWW writing discussion list. Blogging and other social media as tools to build your author's platform are hot topics of discussion right now.

Sadly, but typically, I'm the naysaying footdragger to this party. It's not that I don't believe social media tools can be powerful allies in an author's writing and marketing toolkit, but that I think they've become overrun with meaningless drivel. It's all ready hard enough to separate the SoMe wheat from chaff without me contributing more chaff to the grist mill. Once I figure out my true purpose for my own SoMe blitz, know my purpose and focus, I'll come up with a more sound strategy than the current one (post when I feel like it about whatever). Until then, I definitely am NOT a social media snob. I couldn't answer 'yes' or even nod in recognition of any of the warning signs listed in Morrow's blog and listed below. 

Maybe that makes me an antisocial media snob?

Excerpted from:

So, how can you tell for sure if you’re a social media snob?

Well, you can’t, but there are warning signs.

Here are a few that immediately come to mind. No single warning sign damns you on its own, but if you find yourself nodding to many or even all of these, you may be in trouble.

• You can quote your traffic stats, but not your bank balance
• You’ve spent more than 5 minutes trying to think of something witty to say on twitter
• You know your Klout score by heart
• You talk about cool things, but you never seem to do cool things
• You worry about how the use of emoticons reflects on your personal brand
• You refuse to promote affiliate links, even for products you love
• You know how percent feedback is calculated on Facebook
• You are annoyed that LinkedIn doesn’t display your true number of connections
• You unfollow your friends because they don’t tweet your posts
• You share quotes just to get a little attention
• You’re so inundated with email you’ve started to ignore people you don’t know
• You write posts about social media snobs (oops)
• You are so angry with one of the social networks that you are rooting for it to fail
• You have nothing for sale, and you look down upon those who do
• You only comment on the Facebook walls of celebrities in your niche
• You refuse interviews because they don’t have enough followers/fans/subscribers
• You spend more money on redesigning your profiles than you do on advertising
• You no longer read your blog comments
• You believe information wants to be free
• You ignore the endless, silly questions from beginners
• You can’t remember the last time you thanked your fans


  1. Haha--another inconsistent blogger here :) Lynne, I passed along a Lucky 7 tag I received to you. Hope you have time to follow it through--it was fun :) Take a jump over to my blog for more details!

  2. Thanks, Guilie - going to have a look now!