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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days 12-15: I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for being such a phenomenal procrastinator. Some people search their whole life to find their one special skill, the thing they excel at. It's a blessing to know mine. I am a master, world-class, A-1 procrastinator. Why blog what I'm thankful for every day when I can do it in batches after procrastinating all weekend?

Okay, that's not really what I'm thankful for. On Saturday, I was very thankful for the Lowcountry Dog Agility Club (LCDA). What a marvelous group of fun, supportive people. I love doing agility with Muggle and know a big chunk of the reason I enjoy it is because of the great people.

On Sunday, I was thankful for my wonderful, beautiful, brilliant dog earning his first agility title in Starter's Snooker!! And also for how much Muggle loves his dad - enough to veer off course to say hello in the middle of an otherwise perfect jumpers run! So adorable, who cares if we missed the Q?!

On Monday, I really wasn't all that thankful for anything - it was an icky day. Rainy, overcast, and my mood reflected it. But, still, I'm thankful I got through the day, and had something to do (write) and a job to go to (NOAA), and a wonderful husband, pets, and house to come home to at the end of the day.

Today, I'm thankful for our CLEANING CREW! Simone et al are wonderful and I love when they come in, tackle our mess, and leave us with a delicioiusly minty-fresh smelling house!

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