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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 11: I'm thankful for...

Dog agility with Muggle! We had so much fun today! He did great in our Gambler's run. We missed our Q by 0.05 seconds!! Heartbreaking, since he ran so very well! But, we had fun doing it and I'm so proud of him! And he gave me my laugh of the day (week...month) in our Standard run. Usually he LOVES the table - he's all about jumping up there and chilling out in a "down" for 5 seconds. But, after Wednesday morning, when the table was so cold, he's changed his mind. When I at least got him in a "sit" he decided that was a good time for some ear scratching. He did great weaves - just one false entrance before running right through them - and we were almost at the end, 1/2 way down the A-frame with just the last jump ahead when we ran out of time. : (  But, he was saving his best for last and we finished with a Q and first place in Snooker. He did everything I asked, barked and yapped, and got his 37 points! That's my boy and agility, well, that's what we do!!

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