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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chasing the Chupacabra

Interested in what I'm working on now? Here's a "teaser"!


Bestselling mystery author Jack Halliman has problems. His wife threw him out of their house and will only speak to him through her attorney, their daughter won’t speak to him at all, and his super sleuth protagonist, Franz Henle, has gone silent in his head, leaving Jack unable to write a word of his next novel. The only one who still wants to talk to him is his agent wondering when the next manuscript is coming. Running away from his problems has worked for Jack in the past, so he thinks some distance might be just the answer to all his troubles now, too.

Jack and his loyal dog Hanna sail to Puerto Rico. When he arrives at the marina, Jack finds a real-life murder mystery—and the dead body to go with it—floating next to his boat.  Now everyone wants to talk to him. The mayor wants him to go hunting in hopes of capturing both some publicity and the prime suspect, the legendary chupacabra. The local police detective wants Jack’s help proving the killings are the work of a man, not a monster. Fourteen-year old Kiki Cristatello wants Jack to convince the police and her parents to lock her away before she uses magic to kill again. And, a mysterious woman who is rumored to be a witch warns Jack that there is more to the chupacabra myth than ignorance and superstition. “People’s belief brings legends to life,” she tells him. “The stronger the belief, the more powerful the god.”

Jack doesn’t have time to get caught up in island folklore and crazy monster hunts. His agent is coming to collect a manuscript he has yet to write. But when Jack becomes a suspect, he has to find out who—or what—is responsible for the killings before he ends up in jail. Could the witch be right? Is the chupacabra more than a scary story? Does believing in monsters make them real? Or is there a madman on the loose, waiting to strike again? Jack’s best hope of finding the truth lies with a fourteen-year old girl, a crazy homeless woman, a self-proclaimed “angel,” and two dogs. He isn’t optimistic about his future.

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